Programme Launched to Help Boost Jamaica’s Livestock

News Date: June 20 2016

Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Hon. J. C. Hutchinson has endorsed the Latin American Small Ruminants Programme and the Caribbean Small Ruminants Capacity Building Programme launched in St. Elizabeth on Thursday (June 16).

The programmes seek to improve the stock of sheep and goat in the country, while training persons in animal husbandry with particular emphasis on small ruminants.

Addressing the ceremony held at the Hounslow Demonstration and Training Centre, Minister Hutchinson said the initiatives will provide immense benefits not only to Jamaica, but also to countries across the Caribbean.

He said there has been a high level of imports of mutton and chevron into the Caribbean, and the development of the small ruminants programme at both the production and capacity building levels, will ultimately lead to a reduction in imports.

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